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 "We were very happy to find ourselves teamed up with luci when we began our hunt for a new home in Montana! Moving from another state and trying to keep the purchase moving from thousands of miles away seemed like it would be a much more challenging feat for us to pull off. Luckily we had Luci helping us. Even when she took some time for personal travel, she would answer our calls/questions and continued working for us. Plus she is just fun to be around! we love Luci!!"

07/20/2018 - johns886 

"I highly recommend Luci Edwards to anyone in need of professional real estate services. I have know Luci for over six years and during that time my family has used Luci for several real estate transactions. She helped us find a new and better business location. She made the transition easy and comfortable because at the same time she was able to find a buyer for our old business property. Luci also found an excellent investment rental condo for us. Luci worked hard on all of our real estate transactions to negotiate good purchase and selling prices. Luci was always professional and enjoyable to work with. I recommended Luci to friend who was looking for home where she could also place her business. Luci found her the perfect home that was also suitable for her business. I believe that Luci is an excellent realtor because of her real estate knowledge, integrity, cheerful disposition, and hard work ethic."

-Patsy Saatjian, Jewelry Studio Bozeman

"I have worked with Luci on several property transactions, and have found her to be attentive and responsive, with a sounds work ethic. I give her my recommendation gladly!"

-Dr. Jon Wilhelm, Pro Chiropractic